Monitored Calls

DateAgent IDFirst NameLast NameRecorded CallScoreSupervisorNotesView / Edit
October 18, 20221158IvannaGalinger Listen100IRENE COREASGreat job!! Keep up the rebuttles were great and the way you handle the call awesome ..... View
October 14, 20221077LuisDelgadillo Listen56LuisThis is a sample of the email that will be sent when somebody makes a call monitoring, as we know we can check the results under personal records/call evaluations on the page. The message we write on the notes displays here... have a great weekend View
October 14, 20221332ErnestoCenteno Listen84IRENE COREASGreat job !! with the customer letting her know this was an english survey and having control of the call ....when ever she mention she was not in Georgia at the moment you dispo dnc it was a 1 since she did mention she was not in Georgia at the time then hung up View
October 14, 2022931Oswaldo MichaelLainez Listen100IRENE COREASGreat Job !! for saying thank you through out the call and ending the call in a kindly manner even when survey was an overquota great job !!! View
October 14, 2022825RolinaGale Listen100IRENE COREASGreat Job!!!! awesome on asking for the year she was born the correct way ... you may wanna try what year were you born just the year for your age...thank you for your hard work... corrrect dispo View
October 14, 20221138AbrahamAlborola Listen90IRENE COREASGreat job !! Lets keep up the good work o asking for the name and great rebuttles she mentioned she didnt have time so it was a 1 not 2 not intrested since she mentioned she didnt have time View
October 14, 2022767JulioSerna Listen90IRENE COREASGreat job !! Julio on the probing when brenda was not available .... when ever voter is not available and the person the phone is not registered to vote please dispo 1 not 2 its one because brenda was not home .... Thank you for your hard work... View
October 14, 2022769MANUEL DE JESUSARIAS HENRIQUEZ Listen90IRENE COREASGreat job!!! Tone of voice wonderful!! Lets make sure we dispo correct please!! it was abandon dispo 6 please ... keep up the good work. View
October 14, 2022924ErlandHernandez Listen0IRENE COREAS View
October 13, 20221217Claudia BeatrizTorres Castillo Listen100IRENE COREASGreat Job .... continue with the rebuttles on the year of birth View
927SalvadorRodriguez Listen100IRENE COREASGreat Job !!!! Sal specially on ask probing questions to get clear answers thank you for the hard work View
1287XavierOrdoƱez Listen96IRENE COREASJust please study the script and survey before taking calls that way your familiar with it and are fast to move foward during call and the pronouncing on names..... based on what you know .... for when they ask the direction of the state ..... Great Job View
September 24, 2022747CelauraBautista Listen50IRENE COREASwe need to work reading verbatim, specially the questions, read the options clear and let the customer answer on his own and please do not mention that you get paid to read each survey since it may cause removal..... View