Hundreds of Remote Jobs

As a Vendamolo Freelancer, you will be on the remote Agents roster, where you will get invited to take assignments on Campaigns at different times with agreed hourly rates, at your convenience

All Latin America

Work from home from almost any city or town in Central and South America, using your computer or Laptop over reliable Internet as Freelance Agent

Up to $30 - $50 a Day

Get paid directly on your PayPal account, or direct Bank deposits to many Banks in your Country, Western Union is also an option

In order to be selected for our teams, you Have to complete the application process, including the test

Exiting Independent Career

If you’re looking for a career with relatively low barriers to entry, work-life balance, and plenty of opportunity to grow, a Freelance remote agent role in Our call center might be worth an application in Vendamolo, where you will find what you need to build your income!! If you are able to read in good English a script word by word, asking questions, and writing down responses, this is an opportunity for you- THIS IS NOT AN MLM OR GET RICH FAST SYSTEM - FREELANCE AGENTS work under contract by assignment and get paid by the hour logged in our system and active, on an agreed hourly rate every week !!,

How fast does the Internet has to be

VoIP calls require internet speeds that have less than 0.5 Mbps download. … Social media also uses more internet capacity than VoIP at 1 Mbps download. If your internet connection can handle Netflix or Facebook, your internet is probably fast enough for VoIP, but reliability it’s crucial

What do I need to have ?

A laptop or computer with microphone, speakers (headphones better) and fast Internet, to make and receive voice over Ip communications (VOIP) . Almost all Our available Campaigns require you to just read a script with the questions and information as written, no problem solving or complicated answers NO US WORKING PERMIT NEEDED

We are Hiring are you one ?

*Hourly payment rates are agreed during the interview with each selected candidate

No Place like Home to make an Income

Why Vendamolo Corporation?

We are a State of Oregon, US Corporation, and Our practices are regulated by United States laws. Since you are working in your own Country you don’t need a US Work Permit. We are growing fast !! and we will constantly be needing agents to perform the jobs. We will provide you with available campaigns, times, duration and time zones Happy agents are already working under Our system and getting paid while working from home Our system keeps a tight control on the worked time by each agent to protect you ! You get paid weekly every worked Hour, via PayPal, bank Transfer or Cash Picked up in your City You can always grow becoming a supervisor or trainer and get better rates and bonuses by performance Register NOW giving the date you can start and at what hours you are going to be available !! We are Hiring NOW

We select only the best, but How Difficult is it for you ?

  • You need a  laptop or Desktop, maybe a big Tablet with a good stable Internet
  • Better if you have Skype account, or you get one for free 
  • Fill Up the application, with all the required information, take your time…
  • You will get an email confirming the receipt of your paperwork and invitation for the test
  • Do a 15 Minutes Quiz, with a voice recording of you, reading a Script 
  • Our HR Department will check all of your info, specially your recording
  • Once approved, you’ll be invited to an on boarding meeting of available opportunities and how we work
  • You’ll decide if the campaigns available are something that fits your time and rates
  • You will get your user and password and training on the use of our system
  •  You will get paid thru the agreed channel, every week  for all Hours logged and on the VOIP phone
  • We pride ourselves on providing the best agents to our highly demanding clients,
  • Be one of them.

The only projects you will never achieve, are the ones you never started