Welcomes you to the basic Training

We Hire Only The Best

This is a Freelance Agreement

We provide the Available hours, you work on the schedules you select


It is mandatory to fill up an application and accept the Terms and conditions to start working with Us, the details of the job and application are available at

  • Freelance Agents terms and conditions are displayed and  accepted in the application form
  • We offer agents the available working times and reach a participation agreement and rate
  • Currently, we are conducting polls mainly in the evenings and the hours are:(---)
    (this will change as we are rapidly growing and get other types of assignments)
  • We expect you to honor your accepted times commitments as tightly as possible
  • Your performance and time worked will get you priority for the best campaigns
  • You get paid at the agreed rate each hour you are logged on calls, on a weekly basis




    No adding, no changing words and no paraphrasing- period


    Every word as is written 

     You CANNOT agree or give out your own opinions or feeling.
    After every answer all we can say is "OK"

Background noise it's a "no no"

you may want to have a noise cancelling Microphone,
but there are other things to prepare


Frequently asked Questions

Who Are You?

We are an independent research company.
ONLY if asked location: the call center is located in Miami.  

It’s Against the Law to Call.

We understand your concerns, but opinion polls are not included in the regulations that apply to
telemarketing calls.

What Are You Selling?

We are not selling anything; we are conducting research and would like your opinions. Your responses will be confidential and used only for research purposes.

How Did You Get My Number?

Just Voter Registration Databases

Who Is This For?

I’m sorry, I don’t know. I’m not told so that I don’t influence your opinions.


Respondents Who Refuse To Participate In The Survey

Your opinions help to improve products.
Your opinions are very important.

 Clear-- Don’t Knows

Just as best as you can remember.
Just based on anything you may have seen or heard or any impressions you may have.

 How Much Longer?

It will just be a few more minutes; I’ll go through it as quickly as I can.
There are just a few more questions; I’ll go through it as quickly as I can.

Respondent Not Available or No Respondent

Does that mean there is not a male/female in the household between those ages or he/she is not available at this time?                                                                                                     

Can you not make the question so long?

I’m sorry, but I have to ask the full questions or I’m sorry, but I have to ask all the questions.

Respondent Wants To End The Survey Before Completion

The valuable information gained thus far will not be used unless the interview is completed. (I’ll go through it as quickly as possible.)

Reassuring The Respondent

There are no right or wrong answers; we’re only interested in your opinions.

Your opinions are very important.

You’re doing a fine job.

 Recording Verbatim/Probing

Just a moment please, I’m typing your response.
Still typing.

The last thing I have typed is ____ what did you say after that?
Earlier you mentioned ____ (probe)

    Examples of probes:

  • Tell me about that?
  • What do you mean?
  • What was he/she/it doing or saying?
  • What was there about ____ that you
  • liked it or did not like it?
  • In what way?
  • How do you mean?

 Probing Rules

  • Probe after asking all parts of question.
  • Probe each response separately, even if a word
  • or phrase needed to probe is in the same             sentence.
  • Probe each unclear word or phrase once.
  • Phrase probe as an open-ended question.
  • Never lead respondent in an answer.

Repeat Verbatim Word or Phrase You Need To Probe

Earlier you mentioned ______, what did you say after that?

¿Quienes Son Ustedes?

Somos una compañía independiente de estudios de mercadeo. SOLO si se le pregunta la ubicación: el centro de llamadas se encuentra en Miami.

Es Ilegal Hacer Estas Llamadas

Nosotros entendemos su preocupación pero las opiniones publicas no están incluidas en las regulaciones que aplican a las llamadas de ventas por teléfono.

¿Que Venden?

Nosotros no vendemos nada, solamente estamos interesados en sus opiniones, sus respuestas serán confidenciales y serán usadas solamente con propósitos de estudios de mercadeo.

¿Cómo Adquirió Mi Numero De Teléfono?

De las bases de datos de los votantes

¿Para Quien Es Este Estudio?

Lo siento, no lo sé, no se me ha dicho, precisamente para evitar mi influencia en sus opiniones.


Cuando Un Participante Sé Niega a Participar

Sus opiniones ayudan a mejorar los productos.
Sus opiniones son muy importantes

Como Aclarar Respuestas “No Sé”

Solo basado en lo que Ud. recuerde.
En algo que haya visto o escuchado.
Cualquier impresión que haya tenido.

¿Cuánto Falta Para Terminar?

Solo unos cuantos minutos. Iré lo más rápido posible
Iré lo más rápido posible.
Solo quedan unas cuantas preguntas Iré lo más rápido posible

 En caso que la persona no Esta Disponible:

¿Quiere Ud. decir que no hay una persona en casa de esa edad o sexo, o que no esta disponible en este momento?

 ¿Podría usted recortar la pregunta?

Lo siento, pero tengo que leer las preguntas completas
Lo siento, pero tengo que leer todas las preguntas.

Si El Participante Quiere Cortar La Entrevista Antes De Terminarla

La valiosa información que Ud. me ha dado hasta ahora, no será utilizada a menos que toda la entrevista sea realizada. Lo haré lo más rápido posible.

¿Cómo Motivar Al Participante?

No existen respuestas correctas o incorrectas. Solo nos interesan sus opiniones que son muy importantes
Sus opiniones son muy importantes para nosotros.
Ud. esta haciendo un buen trabajo.

Al Anotar Las Respuestas - Indagar

Un momento por favor, estoy anotando su opinión.
Sigo escribiendo...
Bien, lo ultimo que he escrito es _________
¿Que dijo Ud. después?
Anteriormente dijo ____________

Ejemplos De Indagar (Probe)

Dígame acerca de eso.
¿Que quiere decir?
¿Qué hacia o decía ella/el?
¿Qué le gustó o que no le gustó?
¿De que manera (forma)?
¿Qué quiere Ud. decir?

Reglas Para Indagar (Probe)

Se debe indagar como si fuera una pregunta  abierta
Esperar hasta después de terminar toda la pregunta
Indagar cada respuesta por separado aun si  una
palabra o  frase esta en la misma declaración
Indagar una sola vez cada palabra/frase que no sea clara.
Indagar cada respuesta o frase inconclusa de
inmediato- Nunca influya al participante en sus

Repita Al Pie De La Letra (Palabra Por Palabra)

“Anteriormente usted dijo _____________, ¿qué fue lo que dijo después de eso?”


  1. We go individually 1 by 1 with each agent prospect, to talk about the schedule and what times they are available to start.
    So, If you say you can start at 5pm, That's great !! but we will hold you accountable to be logged in at 5pm...not 5:05 or 5:15. Your shift will start at 5:00 pm sharp just like you would with any other job.
    Even when for many of you, these may be extra hours, for Us this is our main job. So, tardiness will not be accepted, without a real good reason
  2. If you let Us know that you are not able to work 1 day out of the week because you need to attend other chores in your life, that is fine, as long as We know in advance.
  1. No Calls, No Shows may result in an immediate removal from the ongoing campaign. If you know you are scheduled to work and you are unable to, you will be required to contact Us no less than 4 hours prior to your shift to notify Us. This will give Us sufficient time to find a replacement for the day.
  2. We will keep track on a  file, by name and instances, every reason for which you are not able to work.
    Example: No internet No power, No headsets, etc.
     After the 3rd excuse an agent will be removed from the ongoing campaign and replaced immediately.

  3. We need everyone to understand that we do not have an unlimited amount of extensions assigned to each campaign, meaning that when someone does not log in, we may not be able to use that extension, so someone else is losing an opportunity, the client is losing faith in us, and overall we are losing business and money. So We expect that everyone understand the severity of this issue

DON'T you ever forget that you have a lot of benefits when working from the comfort of your own home.

  1. you have your own computer
  2. you have your own headset (noise cancelling will be great)
  3. you can go to the bathroom
  4. you can have snacks
  5. you can spend more time with family
  6. you have higher quality calls
  7. …...the list of benefits is endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Show Script

Reading Skills Test

This is a normal type of script you will be reading


Hello, my name is ___________ FROM Opinion research
We are calling to conduct A survey about important issues in Miami Dade

Are you currently registered to vote in Miami-Dade County?

NOT INTERESTED - This survey is mainly about the november elections for governor,
your opinion is very important

Are you currently registered to vote in Miami-Dade County?


Hola, mi nombre es _______________ DE Opinion research
Hacemos un llamado para realizar una encuesta sobre temas importantes en el condado de Miami Dade.

¿Está actualmente registrado para votar en el condado de Miami-Dade?

NO ESTÁ INTERESADO - Esta encuesta trata principalmente SOBRE las elecciones en noviembre para governandor
Su opinión es muy importante

¿Está actualmente registrado para votar en el condado de Miami-Dade?


INCOMPLETE REBUTTAL - Sir or madam... I understand you need to get going and we really appreciate your patience. We are already at ---% (always add 20%). Please help Us to continue so that all your OPINIONS don't go to waste. I will read quicker so we can finish faster.... (CONTINUE WHERE YOU LEFT OFF) (DO NOT STOP OR ASK FOR PERMISSION)