We are The Future in Call Center Services

Vendamolo Corporation is a comercial entity registered in Oregon and the Federal Tax system (IRS) with all needed lawful requirements to operate in the USA and abroad

Vendamolo is an organization that operates as a remote Call Center supported by very skilled  Freelance Remote Agents, working in an array of cities in Latin American Countries

Vendamolo is part of the new Corporate  world, operated almost 100% over the Internet using a platform that allows Us to get and have complete control of the  best freelance agents, and their superb service over VOIP phones. but we have Managers working from Eugene Oregon, dialing services originated in Miami, technical people operating from El Salvador, Mexico and Honduras

WE have in place a very simple but complete evaluation system, that allows Us to select only people with at least 90% English fluency who provide a familiar voice to the people we contact over the phone, opposed to the heavy accents from some foreign country based call centers

We have a very strict selection process for our agents, but those who qualify enjoy the opportunity of making an income ( better than the local average ) while working from their own homes in their hometown.
We are very proud of providing this opportunity today, to locals in  Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El salvador Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and we are open to contract good agents from any country in Latin America.

Our Main VOIP system in Miami and Our own website, give Us  total control and monitoring ability to each call, time, and all pertinent information that may be accessed by Us or the customer directly.
We have in place a system that gives Us a measure of the effectiveness of each agent minute by minute