Vendámolo Remote Jobs

Where ?

Who Is Vendamolo?

Vendamolo Corporation, its a business Corporation registered in the State of Oregon, and federally registered in the Internal Revenue Department to conduct businesses in the USA or Internationally

Where is the Physical Location ?

Vendamolo is a practically virtual company handled thru Internet, but the registered street address is in Eugene, Oregon where the some of the executives live, but also has representatives in El Salvador and agents working from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Colombia

How can we Contact Executives and supervisors?

Using the contact forms in the web site, using WhatsApp at +1 541 788 0480, by email to [email protected], also Skype 5417880480.

How Does the Jobs work?

What Skills are required

Mainly this jobs require an excellent English language proficiency and pronunciation, the usage of a computer or laptop as Voice Over IP system, some typing and good reading skills

How to Get Hired

In order to keep service quality and efficiency we need you to go through some very specific steps that include information on you, where you live and your experience, then there is a short test to asses your skills, once approved you will get offers of the campaigns running that need agents or the ones that will run soon

When do I start Working ?

First we reach an agreement on which campaign you are going to be working on, the scheduled times and salary that obviously includes the date of the campaign launching


Campaigns require some training on the way they have to be presented and goals, each one has some evaluation parameters that you want to know in advance to be assessed and given opportunities to grow and get performance bonuses

What is The Typical Function of an Agent ?

There are many functions a Call Center agent may perform, and some of them could be complicated and require a lot of training and knowledge, but the bulk of Our campaigns are surveys and polls that only need someone who reads in good English scripted questions and take notes of the answers on a form provided on the computer screen while working on the call

Are these Full time jobs ?

Evidently the working hours depend more on you than on the campaign, but you can work 30, 40 or more hours a week as agreed at the start of the campaign if they are required by the client

Are these stable jobs ?

As a freelance worker, you get to make arrangements by campaign only, but our commitment is to have enough campaigns all the time to keep working all agents who wishes to do it, and for that are included some partners campaigns too . There are Agents working with Us full time for years now

Do we get employment benefits?

Being a freelancer has the big advantage that you practically choose the dates you want to work and select the types of campaigns you want to do, when available, but because you work as a service provider only, you are not an employee unless we hire you as supervisor or other capacity other than freelance agent

How Many days off are Available?

Programmed days off are agreed on each contract but you get paid by worked hour only.


How do we Get Paid

Every time you login to Our Call Center system and take o make calls, the system keep track of all the time utilized by each and every agent, providing the exact amount of hours worked

When do we get Paid ?

Every week our payment department runs a system that converts the worked hours to money using the rates agreed for the campaign and then we use PayPal, Money Gram, Western Union, Bitcoin or the method agreed to make it available for each and every agent

What About income Taxes ?

The taxes filling and payment is up to each agent in their own country, we can provide with a report of the total payments sent only