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Campaigns and projects available on your dashboard, allow you to produce income as a freelance agent at your selected pace


Our exclusive web platform provides you with all the tools you need to make your home computer a working machine .


There are selectable schedules for participation as agent, many can be adjusted to have an after-work income.


Highly qualified and certified interpreter looking to be connected to quality clients? We are looking for professionals in their field to connect to our clients with interpreting and translating need


How does a freelance agent earn money ?

We make your personal computer your working tool

What equipment do I need to do this job ?

No fancy equipment is needed

  • A Desktop or Laptop

    A home laptop or desktop with a sound card would be acceptable. If your computer is less than ten years old, you might not even need much RAM memory. If Chrome, Windows, or Linux run without any difficulties.

  • Screen Size

    While on the phone, an agent must be able to read instructions, scripts, and chat with supervisors. Small screens, such as those found on smartphones and tablets, will not suffice for this job.

  • Headphones with noise cancelling microphone

    When conducting a survey or assisting someone, normal street noise, kids, dogs, and other home noises in the background are a no-no. A noise canceling microphone is required to avoid this problem.

  • Stable Internet and wired router connection

    Voice over IP does not require a lot of bandwidth, but a direct wire connection to the router and a strong internet signal are required to avoid choppy sounds and signal lag (no Wi-Fi). You can check your latency (and Internet speed) at Your latency should be less than 20. (ping).

What do I have to do to become a Vendamolo freelance agent ?

Excellent reading and pronunciation skills in English and Spanish are a must

  • Fill out the application form

    To be considered for this job, you must provide all of the information requested in your application. It is critical that you finish the tests, upload your equipment information, and enter your payment information. Remember that your name must be exactly as it appears on your legal identification. | REMEMBER YOUR REGISTERED USER NAME AND PASSWORD; YOU WILL NEED THEM |TAKE NOTE OF YOUR REGISTERED PASSWORD YOU WILL NEED IT |

  • Do the test and Record your voice

    You should receive an email requesting that you complete a written test to ensure that the email address you provided is correct and functional, as well as a link to begin the quiz and record yourself reading a script.

  • Get invited to an interview

    After your test results and voice recording are evaluated, you may be invited to a training if you qualify, or you may receive an email informing you that you did not qualify for the projects available. If you are not invited, you may still be considered for future projects. Training sessions are scheduled.

  • Get invited to training

    After your interview, our HR department may invite you to a scheduled Zoom training with a specific date and time. Based on your performance, you will be accepted as a freelance agent and assigned users to begin working on the agreed-upon time and date.

We have high standards and only choose the top-performing individuals. Do you fit that criteria?

We currently have a roster of dozens of freelancers.

If you have a reliable and stable internet service, you can connect to our system from any country and utilize your English language skills.

We have a diverse community of freelancers from various Latin American countries, spanning from Mexico to Argentina. These freelancers work from the comfort of their homes and receive bi-weekly payments in their own towns or cities.

To join our team, you will need to go through a comprehensive selection process, which includes remote video interviews, tests, and video training if necessary. However, this effort is worthwhile as it grants you the opportunity to establish or enhance a lucrative source of income. By working remotely, you save valuable resources and time that would otherwise be spent on commuting, dressing up, and additional food expenses. Moreover, it allows you to prioritize your personal life tasks while working from home.

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