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We guarantee consistently accurate, transparent, and easily understandable responses.


We are committed to gathering all necessary information swiftly and with utmost professionalism.


Our skilled agents provide support with fluent English proficiency and clear pronunciation


Our certified agents, trained and proficient, provide English-to-Spanish interpretation assistance

We bring decades of experience to your Polls and Surveys

Why Vendamolo

  • We epitomize the next generation of call center services.
  • Our innovative programmed system ensures top-notch quality control at competitive rates.
  • Each service is meticulously tailored by our seasoned agents for peak performance.
  • Utilizing accent-neutral voices, our carefully curated teams provide a familiar customer experience over the phone.
  • From conducting polls, surveys, charity outreach, to telemarketing and help desk services, we excel in diverse domains.
  • With a track record of conducting numerous successful surveys and polls, we offer certified interpreters, ensuring HIPAA compliance.
  • Partnering with mail-order businesses and large enterprises, we cater to any organization offering telephone-based services or products.

Lets build your best KPI together

Proffessional Interpretation Services

Interpreting services involve a proficient interpreter facilitating spoken language communication. Their role is to effectively transmit a message from the original language of the speaker or writer into the language understood by the listener. This task demands the interpreter to maintain both the message’s tone (register) and its underlying meaning.

A Company without physical borders

Best quality on may be a border

Not a Building, a City or a Country

Surveys,Polls Fundraisings

With our trained and tested familiar voices, we provide top-notch services that are both affordable and of the highest quality. You no longer have to compromise on one for the other as we guarantee professional completion of all tasks

Non Commisioned Sales

Allow us to handle the testing, selection, recruitment, and training of the most suitable agents for your specific requirements, while keeping you fully informed about their attendance and performance details

Interpreters Service

Interpreters with a professional background are available to facilitate communication between Spanish-speaking clients and providers. Our skilled interpreters are accessible and ready to assist through phone or video calls. We go beyond mere language proficiency

Phone Customer Services

We can manage all of your incoming calls with the help of our perfectly trained agents, and can program variations in the number of agents required to handle calls during different time frames and on different dates

Certainly! Feel free to test us out.

We have full faith in our agents’ ability to consistently excel, using their familiar voice accents, outstanding demeanor, and professional skills with assurance. Our exclusive, in-house web platform equips our agents with all the essential tools to ensure flawless job performance, while delivering comprehensive performance reports at every stage. Thanks to our system’s design, we can guarantee 100% internet redundancy because each agent is equipped with a thoroughly tested and measured internet connection from their own home area.

What makes the difference ??

Sincer before the events of 9/11, our visionary Founder pioneered the management of call centers, setting industry standards for efficiency and excellence. Drawing from this wealth of experience, our Founder has instilled a culture of precision and effectiveness in our operations. Complementing this expertise is our state-of-the-art web system, meticulously organized with unparalleled detail and control. From seamless call routing to comprehensive data management, our web system empowers us to deliver unmatched customer support and operational efficiency, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry

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